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Call for Volunteers – Committees – Bombay Section

Dear Members,  


IEEE Bombay Section in the recent ExCom meeting formed various committees to increase the technical and professional activities of the section. We are looking for volunteers to serve on the following committees in various capacities.  

These committees include (in alphabetical order) 

1. Educational Activities
2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
3. Industry Interaction
4. Inter-Chapter-Section-Society Relations
5. Student Activities
6. Technical and Professional Activities
7. Membership Development
8. News Letter
9. Web-Digital, and Social media

a. If you would like to volunteer to work on these committees please fill in the form below. It would take about two minutes of your time to fill it up and hence I request you do it now, if interested.   

b. You can express your interest to work with any two committees. This would help you in focussing on the committee of your interest.   

c. Please feel free to type in the additional information (not mandatory) expressing your interest. The form is will be open until Monday (27.07.2020).  

d. The list of volunteers in various will be shared with the ExCom members of the Bombay Section who serve as Chair for these committees. The Chair(s) of various committees would contact you before inducting you on to these committees as Vice-Chair, Secretary, and members (wherever required).   

Looking forward to working with you all to make Bombay Section more active in 2020 and beyond.   

The form is will be open until Monday (27.07.2020).

Surya Doolla, 
Chair, Bombay Section 2020