The IEEE Bombay Section comprises of a large and diverse group of industry, academic and research professionals as well as students, with a common interest in advances in technology and leveraging them for betterment of humanity.  The section has conceived the Skill and Knowledge Enhancement Program (SKEP) during the year 2013. SKEP organises talks, tutorials and distinguished lectures with an intention to reach out to students, faculties and industry professionals. SKEP programmes are an exercise in life-long learning and are offered for the continuing education and skill upgradation of professionals. In addition, this program seeks to motivate and inspire the young student community and endow them with a rare insight into what the industry has to offer and its expectations, thus helping them ease their entry into corporate life.

Main goals of SKEP include professional skills development, imparting technical expertise to develop viable applications, disseminating useful knowledge from current fields of interest to the beneficiaries and inculcating technical and logical thinking among the student community. SKEP programmes are conducted by invited experts on the state-of-the-art topics from among the research, academic and industrial areas. The intended audience are students, faculty, IEEE members and other interested persons from research, industry and academic institutions.

SKEP programmes usually of either lecture or tutorial in format and are intended to be highly interactive. Please refer to the accompanying list of topics currently offered in both formats. The platform provided is expected to be a perfect avenue for industry-institute-academia interactions with ideas, opinions and visions being exchanged freely. Where as the lectures are typically of 90 minutes in duration, the tutorials will run day long. Active participation of the audience during the sessions is highly desirable.

While Bombay Section takes care of the travel of the SKEP speakers to the venues, the host institution is expected to organise accommodation and local hospitality for them. The host may also arrange light refreshments for the attendees of the SKEP sessions and adequate publicity of the SKEP events within their institution. Please note that in general the Section will not provide participation certificates for SKEP sessions unless specified otherwise.

The venues of SKEP programmes span colleges and other institutions spread over length and breadth of this Section’s geography. In order to efficiently organise SKEP sessions at various geographical regions of the Section, it is advisable that academic institutions co-located in a city or region, pool together and organise the SKEP sessions during the same period. This will help sharing the accommodation expenses for the SKEP speakers and costs of other arrangements. Besides this will also help the Section with necessary logistics.

What, where and when the SKEP sessions could be organised are almost entirely limited by the enthusiasm and active involvement of the IEEE Bombay Section Student Branches as well as heads or senior members of the academic, research and industrial units. Please connect to Dr. Varsha Turkar ( / 09920038965)  today requesting a SKEP programme in your institution for the current and the next Semester.

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