In 1976, the Bombay Section was formed with a Territory of Maharashtra,Goa, Gujarat (which later separated to form a Section itself on 15 th August 1990), Madhya Pradesh (which now includes newly formed Chhatisgarh) and Diu & Daman UT (Except Pune Metropolitan City which is separate Section from 26th June 2010), closely followed by Bangalore & Delhi.

Mr. T V Balan of ACC was its first Chairman. Mr. D. N. Purandare being first Vice Chairman, Prof. A. A. Kulkarni, Secretary, Mr. Hiloowala Treasurer and Mr. H.S. Sonawala, Mr. K. J. Sheth, Mr. P. R. Bapat, Mr. Mukesh Gidwani, Dr. K. Shankar, Prof. D. M. Shah, Prof. M. V. Pitke and a few others were members of Executive Committee. Mr. Balan was succeeded by Mr D. N. Purandare, Mr. H. S. Sonawala, Mr. K. J. Sheth, Mr. P.R. Bapat, Dr. C. G. Ravi, Mr. K. S. Sonawala, Prof. S. C. Sahasrabudhe, Mr Q. Bakir, Mr R. Muralidharan, Prof. J Vasi, Prof. B.R. Prabhu, Prof. M.M. Shah, Prof. Uday Desai, Mr. Raju Hira, Dr. MV Pitke, Mr. Ashok Jagatia, Mr. AK Banerjee, Mr Anthony Lobo, Mr. Abhay Phansikar and Mr. Suryanarayana Doolla respectively. Presently, Mr. Satyanarayana Bheesette is the Chairman.

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YearOffice BearersMajor EventsExecom List
1986-1987Chair : K Sonawalla
1988-1989Chair : Kirit Sheth
Secretary : Prof Krantikumar
Treasurer : Prof K Shankar
TenCon 89. IEEE Region 10 International Conference. Birthplace for "IT" term.  Attended by more than 3000 delegates.  More than 600 delegates from 29 Countries making one of largest & most successful conference organised by any section in India. 
1990-1991Chair : P R Bapat
2003-2004Chair : Prof. B.R. Prabhu
2005-2006Chair : Prof. M. M. Shah
Secretary : Anthony Lobo
2007-2008Chair    : Raju Hira
Secretary : Ashok Jagatia
Treasurer : S.N. Merchan
Elevation of Pune sub-section to Pune Section in 2010
Inclusion of Bombay Section's Life Member AG into Outstanding Group in 2009
All India Student Congress in 2010
Job Fair in 2009 & 2010
2010-2011Chair  : Dr. M.V. Pitke2010
2012-2013Chair : Ashok Jagatia
Secretary : Abhay Phansikar
Treasurer : Dnayesh Kamble
2014-2015Chair : Atindra Banerjee
Secretary : Aiyappan 
Treasurer : Dr. Suryanarayan Doolla
2016-2017Chair : Anthony Lobo
Secretary : Prof. Vinit Kotak
Treasurer : Prof. Sanjay Pawar
2018-2019Chair : Abhay Phansikar
Secretary : Satyanarayana Bheesette
Treasurer : Prof. Sanjay Pawar
2020Chair : Suryanarayana Doolla
Secretary : Anand Gharpure
Treasurer : Kiran Talele
2021Chair : Dr. Satyanarayana Bheesette
Secretary : Saurabh Mehta
Treasurer : Kiran Talele