IEEE student branch inaugurated at SITCOE Yadrav

IEEE student branch Inauguration
At sitcoe, on 9th July 2018

On auspicious day of 9th July 2018 we at SITCOE inaugurated a “IEEE student Branch” for the first time in western Maharashtra.

The formal inauguration was carried by ‘Saraswati Poojan’ by all the dignitaries present.

The inauguration was followed …

Innovation Gallery Platform seed grant approval

The Innovation Gallery Platform had submitted the seed grant proposal to develop an outreach program showcasing innovations from academia and individual innovators. The New Initiatives Committee (NIC),IEEE reviewed the proposal at its 22 March meeting, and after deliberations, decided to fund the project at the …

IEEE Group Medical Insurance Program 2018

Thank you for your active participation in IEEE member group medical insurance program that is now entering its 3rd year of coverage.  Having had a good start in 2016 and 2017 we look forward to increased participation in 2018.

IEEE members in India who wish to subscribe …

IEEE Spectrum March Issue Now Available

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