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Winners – Volunteers, Committee and Affinity Group Awards 2022

The IEEE Bombay Section takes immense pride in recognizing the exceptional contributions and achievements of its dedicated volunteers, committees, and affinity groups. Year after year, these individuals and teams go above and beyond to advance the mission of IEEE and make a positive impact in their respective fields. Today, we gather to celebrate and announce the deserving winners of the IEEE Bombay Section Volunteers, Committee, and Affinity Group Awards for the year 2022. These awards not only acknowledge their remarkable efforts but also inspire others to strive for excellence.

The IEEE Bombay Section proudly congratulates the winners of the Volunteers, Committee, and Affinity Group Awards for 2022. These exceptional individuals and teams have made a profound difference in advancing the goals of IEEE and have set remarkable examples for their peers. Their unwavering dedication, innovative contributions, and passion for their respective areas of expertise deserve our heartfelt appreciation. We extend our gratitude to all the volunteers, committees, and affinity groups who continue to strive towards excellence, and we encourage others to be inspired by their achievements. Together, we can create a brighter future through technology and collaboration.