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Which is the most visited IEEE Indian entity home page?

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000

Sir/ Madam,
I have done a preliminary analysis of the web statistics for the IEEE Indian entities which are hosting their web pages on IEEE sites.

Statistics period: Analysed requests from Mon-22-Nov-1999 09:41 to Mon-03-Jul-2000 22:11 (224.5 days or 7.5 months).

The entries in the decreasing number of accesses for the home pages (only) are

1591 /r10/bombay
1148 /r10/india_council
1059 /r10/kerala
886 /r10/hyderabad
779 /r10/bangalore* (statistics for 4.5 months only)
625 /r10/delhi
292 /r10/uttar_pradesh
201 /r10/calcutta* (statistics for about 4.5 months?)

IEEE Gujarat did not make use of IEEE web server. So statistics could not be obtained from the IEEE database.

So, Congratulations to the IEEE Bombay section for topping the list.

Arjuna Rao Chavala
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