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Slate given by Nominations Committee – 2009


October 23rd, 2008

All Voting Members

IEEE Bombay Section

The Nominations Committee of IEEE Bombay Section has proposed the following slate of Office Bearers for the year 2009 :

Section Officers :

Mr Raju Hira Chairman
 Mr Anthony Lobo Vice Chairman
Mr Ashok Jagatia Secretary
Prof S N Merchant Treasurer
Dr M V Pitke Member
Mr A K Banerjee Member
Mr H K Kalyansundaram Member
Prof V Ramgopal Rao Member
Prof (Ms) Prachi Gharpure Member
Prof  G Sivakumar Member
 Prof  R K Shevgaonkar Member
Prof  K T Talele Member
Prof  M P Parmar Member

Chapter Chairs :

Ashok Jagatia Communications Society
Prof Datta V Doke PES/IAS
Prof  A N Chandorkar APS/EDS
Prof M V Ananthkrishnan Computer Society
Dr Shrikant Parikh Technology Management Council
Prof Ashok Gaikwad Instrumentation & Measurement Society
Prof  A S Tavildar Digital Signal Processing Society
Mayank Pande Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society

MP Subsection :


Pune Subsection :


GOLD Affinity Group :

Prof   Vineet Kotak Chair

Women in Engg Committee :

Prof (Ms) Sanjivani Shah Chair

Life Members Affinity Group :

Dr P B Parikh Chair

The above list is being circulated in advance of the Annual General Body Meeting to be held on 13th December 2008 at Royal Bombay Yacht Club, Mumbai. If any Voting Member of the Bombay Section, whose name does not appear in the slate proposed by the Nominations Committee is desirous of contesting the election to any of the offices, he/she may do so by a petition addressed to the Chairman, Nominations Committee, IEEE-Bombay Section. The petition should be signed by a minimum number of 15 Voting Members ( for a Society Chapter Chair, the petition should be signed by voting membrs of that Society) and should reach the Chairman, Nominations Committee not later than December 06, 2008 at the following address :

Prof. B Prabhu,
Chairman-Nominations Committee,
Fr C R College of Engineering
Mumbai – 400 050. <>


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