IEEE Nagpur subsection is 2nd subsection formed under IEEE Bombay section and has started functioning from September 2017. This subsection has been formed for better networking between professional members and student members within Nagpur district of Maharashtra state. The Execom committee of the subsection is as follows:

Execom (2021)

Sr NoNamePositionOrganization
1Dr Abhay Gandhi Chair-Subsection VNIT
2Dr Rajesh Pande Vice Chair -Subsection,
Chair-Industrial Relations
3Dr Prabhat Sharma Secretary VNIT
4Dr Richa Khandelwal Treasurer RKNEC
5Dr Shrikant Sonekar Chair SAC JDCOE
6Dr Bharatbhushan Joshi Chair TEMS Cummins
7Dr Prachi Palsodkar Chair Awards YCCE
8Dr Amoli Belsare Chair Educational Activities YCCE
9Mr Animesh Tayal Chair Entrepreneurship SBJAIN
10Dr Pooja Jain Chair WIE IIITN
11Ms Revati Mulmulay Chair HAC & SIGHT TCS
12Ms Jaya Gadge Execom Member Cummins
13Mr Arjun Vithalrao Mane Execom Member Forensic Science
14Dr Archana Sirbhate Execom Member Anjuman
15Dr Gauri Halde Execom Member PIET
16Dr Yogita Chitriv Execom Member YCCE
17Mr Sushil Dambhare Chair YP NA
18Mr Shivam Grover Subsection Student Representative SBJAIN

Some flagship events/activities of subsection are:

  1. Technical talk along with Execom
  2. Nagpur subsection student congress NSSC-2018
  3. SKEP lecture series
  4. ERUPT
  5. Ignite – Boot Camp for Entrepreneurship
  6. IOT & Smart Technologies
  7. Workshop on Data Analytics
  8. WIE summit

Please do visit to get more details about Nagpur subsection.

  • Any eligible voting member who would like to nominate herself/himself for the Position of Officer Bearers can do so by a separate petition addressed to the  with a copy to Secretary ( duly endorsed by minimum 15 eligible voting member of the section to reach not later than 15 days of the notice (including endorsements). As a special case due to COVID-19, endorsements can also be sent via email. Petitions & endorsements must be individual & should be sent to the above email addresses.
  • Kindly send a separate email per petitions/endorsement for each position/candidate. Petitioner and Endorser must valid Member.
  • All endorsement emails should be with the subject “aaaaaaaaa (senders IEEE membership number) endorsement of xxxxx (Name of petitioner) for yyyyy (position)” from IEEE registered email address only.  The emails will automatically be filtered for fast processing.
  • Group petitions will be disqualified. Any individual petitioning for more than one position should send a separate petition for each position. Any endorsement for more than one candidate should be sent separately for each candidate.
  • All the petitions must be accompanied by a biodata (Max. 100 words) & Photo (500Kb Max) about candidates with IEEE membership number from IEEE registered email address. These details will be shared unedited directly with voting members for all valid and eligible petitions.

Brief reports on one week short term courses arranged in Nagpur subsection –

NIT Raipur – STTP Report
VNIT Nagpur – STTP Report