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K. Shankar Meritorious Paper Awards 2022

The pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of science and technology rely heavily on the contributions of dedicated researchers and scholars. Every year, numerous individuals invest their time and effort into pushing the boundaries of their respective fields, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries and innovative ideas. Recognizing and appreciating these outstanding contributions, the K. Shankar Meritorious Paper Awards 2022 honored the exceptional research achievements of individuals from various disciplines. These awards specifically aimed to recognize the most outstanding papers published in the IEEE Conferences, Transactions & Journals by IEEE Bombay Section Members at the time of application. The judging criteria encompassed aspects such as originality, utility, timeliness, impact, technical content, relevance of the topic, and clarity of presentation.

The K. Shankar Meritorious Paper Awards 2022 received an overwhelming number of submissions, highlighting the exceptional research being conducted worldwide. The papers selected for recognition showcased remarkable innovation, critical thinking, and profound implications for their respective domains. The following are the list of winners:

Sr. No.Nominee DetailsCategoryMembership NumberPrize MoneyPaper Title
1Name: Shashikant Patil, Affiliation (Organization / Institute): ViMEET Khalapur Raigad MS IndiaCP902791685000/-Performance Analysis of Smart System with Algorithmic Optimization for Cavities Detection
2Mohit Sewak, Email:, Affiliation: Microsoft R & D, IndiaCSD935853465000/-X-Swarm: Adversarial DRL for Metamorphic Malware Swarm Generation
3SHLOK PRADEEP DOSHI Email: Affiliation: Vishwakarma Institute of TechnologyCSUG970853725000/-An Approach for Clustering and Classification of Alumni Employment Information
4Pooja Singh, Email:
Affiliation: SIES-Graduate School of Technology  
JP975424757500/-Reliability Measurement of Control and Instrumentation Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
5Hemant Rathore, Email:, Affiliation: BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa CampusJSD944751937500/-Towards Adversarially Superior Malware Detection Models: An Adversary Aware Proactive Approach using Adversarial Attacks and Defenses

Hearty Congratulations to All Winners!