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About College

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India a certified premier educational institution established under Manjara Charitable Trust in 1992, providing high quality engineering in 5 domains of Electronis and Telecommunications(EXTC),Computer(Comp),Information Technology(IT) ,Instrumentation ,Mechanical and Management education(M.E.) in Mumbai. Affliated and approved by the Mumbai University along with the All India Council for Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E) this institute has created recorded annals in these passing years, which has awarded this institute with an”A” grade.( Being in its 22nd year it has acheived many milestones in terms of student forums, student participation at international project level,two technical festivals by the name Icarus and Innovision have shown great technical competence from their inception. The college also has a cultural festival ‘Zodiac’ to its credit . Recently it has begun its own PH.D. program for faculty members to pursue the same while teaching in the college,has been a great success for inside and outside college .

About IEEE Student Branch

IEEE-RGIT has a history of flooding its events with unique clarity and with a way of expressing every students mind from racing into creativity along with the technical passion hand in hand.
The current year of 2014-15 has had these events in the odd semester: PTE: Project Talent Expansion
First time Endeavour of IEEE-RGIT wherein third year students(IEEE members) will form groups and work on a project under the guidance of an assigned B.E. Student which will result in collaborative learning and project development experience . Included as an IEEE member benefit at RGIT.
-Arduino Based Bluetooth bot with internship certifications
-Cloud Computing Seminar
-TEDx Gateway (Campus Connect) by Vaibhav Chabra who presented 3D printing working.
-Technical Paper Presentation

In the past years we have invited prominent speakers on entrepreneurship like;
Varun Agarwal,he co-founded Alma Mater and two other companies – Reticular and Last Minute Films
Upasana Makati,founder of ‘WHITE PRINT’ is India’s first lifestylemagazine in Braille (English)
Workshops on
-Bluetooth interfaced and Android Application controlled Robot(2-Day)
-Energy Conserving Solar Panels with Cambridge University Certificaion
-Photoshop Software
-Under WIE-IEEE,workshop on Women Empowerment was conducted by Franklin Joseph,Bengaluru
-Web Development
Rubik’s Cube

-Coding Competition
-Technical Paper Presentation
-Technical Debate Competition

Industrial Visit to
-One Day IV to Panasonic.