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IEEE Online Courses in Local Languages

Sent on Behalf of IEEE R10 Director, Prof. Akinori Nishihara

Dear Council/Section/Subsection Chairs,

Prof. Toshio Fukuda, IEEE President, asked to start a new project to make short courses in local languages for students at all levels (primary, secondary, high school, and university), so that we can imprint them on IEEE logo on this special occasion of COVID-19 when they all stay home.

 In our Region 10 there are many countries where English is not an official language. Although English is a de facto global language, still many young students are more comfortable to take courses in their mother tongues. We don’t assume comprehensive course materials like in MOOCs, but for example, a short talk on IEEE 802.11 Standards and their impacts on our daily lives will be good enough to impress young people on IEEE.

 We may translate popular talks in English, or we may invite local speakers. As an example of the former case, we can use

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society is almost ready to give us its transcript, and allow us to add subtitles translated into another language.


Region 10 is ready to allocate some budget for this project. So please tell us if you are interested in joining this project.


Thank you very much.

 Best regards,

Ewell Tan (Ms.), CPM (IAPM)

Project Manager

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