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IEEE MD Monthly Report and R10 MD Progress as of July 2020 published

Dear R10 Section Chairs, Council Chairs and Section MD Chairs,

As you are very aware that IEEE membership for the year 2021 begins from 16 August 2020, and a new member can avail the membership of 16 months for paying the one-year membership fees and can avail all the member benefits for the entire 16 months. 

IEEE Day is going to be celebrated on October 6, 2020. Here I am writing to ask for your help to arrange some events whether in-person or online as per the pandemic situation in your country and launch your section’s new membership drive for the year 2021 to help increase our membership.

The foundation and strength of IEEE is a strong and growing base of members. IEEE does not have a professional sales and marketing force for membership. Rather, we depend on word of mouth to communicate our organization and what that means you. To continue to grow and build the IEEE, we need your help in enhancing our membership. You can do it in the following ways:

Participate in the Member-Get-A-Member program. This program is available with incentives for finding new members. You will earn an award for every professional grade member that you recruit. Visit the website for rewards for recruiting student members too!  But the real reward is a stronger, better IEEE with enhanced connections into the industry and the community. These connections help to build the IEEE network that supports our careers and the profession.

There are many tangible benefits associated with membership:

Career and professional development tools, discounts on products and services (both technical and non-technical), the award-winning Spectrum magazine, reduced conference registration fees, multiple opportunities to network with the leaders of the field, access to top technical information, an ever-increasing number of continuing education courses, and much more. The list continues to grow each year. The next generation of benefits enhances your experience at myIEEE with memberNet. programming is delivering live IEEE events through streaming video, and developing more programs on technical interests.

With all of that, I thank you for maintaining your membership in IEEE this year and hopefully in the future. I also urge you to recommend IEEE to your colleagues and co-workers. Please direct your colleagues to to become a part of the IEEE Network. 

This is your organization. Help us to grow it and to keep it as vital and vibrant in the future as it has been in the past. Thank you for being the part of the IEEE family in 2020 and I am sure you all along with your friends/colleagues co-workers will be with us in 2021 also. 

If each of us recruited just one new member, we would double our size in one year.  Remember, without Membership Development, we can’t build the IEEE of tomorrow.”



Prof. Parkash Lohana

2019-2020 R10 Membership Development Committee Chair