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IEEE Entrepreneurship Boot-camp 2021

IEEE Entrepreneurship Boot-camp 2021 was launched by IEEE Bombay section to trigger the entrepreneurship bugs in the minds of young budding professionals. An activity based learning was the key point of the bootcamp with a relevant influencer sharing experience in startup business. Sessions Impact is when the participants hear success stories of successful entrepreneurs.

With this thought in mind, we launched IEEE Entrepreneurship Boot-camp 2021 jointly with Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai,  Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre Nashik, Naman Angels India Foundation, Mumbai, Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator (SP-TBNI) and SANDIP Technology Business Incubator, Nshik. The large-scale promotion of this event helped us herald 4400 registrations from different cities and states around the nation. A total of 4050 students, 248 Faculty and 92 Professionals registered for IEEE Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2021.

The bootcamp program was a mix of  Training Sessions on Entrepreneurship Fireside ChatsHeart-to-Heart Talks, Inspiring Founders’ Speech by successful start-up founders and  Activity Canvas.

The event was officially inaugurated by the virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony by Mr. Rahul Chari, Founder & CTO, PhonePe followed by opening remarks by Dr. B Satyanarayana, Chair, IEEE Bombay Section, Scientific Officer, TIFR, Mumbai He mentioned, “ advances of Ttechnology for the betterment of humanity” which is the tagline of IEEE that has come up very well in its work as no matter what we innovate the ultimate beneficiary is the common man.

Mr. Anand Gharpure, Chair-elect IEEE Bombay Section declared the opening of the Entrepreneurship Boot-camp 2021. Dr S.T. Gandhe, Dr. Vikram Patil, Dr Saurabh Mehta, Mr. Abhay Phansikar, Dr. Rakesh Somani, Dr. Y. S. Rao  graced the audience with their presence.

On Day 1, The  keynote address was given by Mr. Rahul Chari, founder and CEO of PhonePe. He stated that entrepreneurship can create social and population-wide benefits.                   Juthika D’Cruz gave the first session for the day  on “Napkin Pitch” the participants then proceeded to perform the activity of the day that was to create a 30 seconds Self-introductory pitch On learning all about napkin pitch from Juthika D’Cruz the participants then proceeded to perform the activity of the day that was to create a 30 seconds Self-introductory pitch.

Ms Raina Tandon, Posh Specialist, and Thought Leader spoke about how we were on that first pedestal and want to win on the edge and create the right image to crack one’s entrepreneurship journey

On Day 2, Mrs.Neelam Kamthe ma’am Asst. Director of ‘Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’ started the first session focusing on the topic “NEEDS & WANTS”, followed by a session of Pranav Chawre, co-founder of VMOSA, who explained about his own start-up G.O.D i.e. Guruji On Demand, which is a platform to book rituals in simple steps.

On Day 3, Mr. Dinesh Israni, Founder Director Naman Angels India Foundation explained about common pitfalls which you should consider and look out for initially before starting any start-up. The next session was by Mr. Sahil Ghughe, Student Entrepreneur, Fitness Freak which gave insight about his startup and motivated all the participants to be an entrepreneur.

On Day 4, Mr. Vikrant Potnis, founder of Fortmega  Pvt. Ltd. gave a comprehensive understanding about a business model and gave various major points on why start-ups fail. The next session was by Mr. Pankaj Sikka who gave a talk about start-ups and stated the 4 P’s essential for a start-up are: Permission, Planning, Practice and most importantly Perseverance.

On Day 5, Mr. Chandrabhan Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Sardar Patel Technology Business  Incubator, focused on the importance of  Business Plan, followed by session on Fireside Chat by Aparna Mishra Founder-Editor, Women Shine, Business Coach & Mentor, where Ma’am spoke about her journey to start her startup and how she overcame all the hurdles.

Dinesh Israni conducted an activity on making a Business Model and documenting a Business Plan for the idea of their inventions.

On day 6,  we had a session regarding Intellectual Asset Creation and all about patents by Abhishek Pandurangi and another session regarding Trademark by Siya Lala. Creation of intellectual asset was the assigned activity of the day as briefed by Prof. Kiran Talele.

During the last six days there were varied activities which were conducted starting from understanding our inner-self and putting it in a video to penning down our needs and moving to understanding our wants. A case study was done on the journey of an entrepreneur of a local company from zero to hero. Finally a Business  Model was made for our idea and a formal Business Plan is documented.

An IEEE Quiz was conducted on all days of Bootcamp to encourage active participation. The first person with the maximum score was declared as winner and will be awarded with exciting prizes. The winners of the Quiz are from different parts of India.

Quiz-1             Ritika Nerkar (Nagpur)

Quiz-2             Milind Dande (Goa)

Quiz-3             Arpita Ghosh (Kolkata,)

Quiz-4             Yash Upadhyay (Mumbai)

Quiz-5             Chelsea Paul (Indore)

 Quiz-6             Saharsh Pamecha  (Chittorgarh)

Quiz-7   :          Shradniksha Sitaram Devlekar (Mumbai)

Quiz-8   :        Vishwajeet Vilasrao Deshmukh  (Latur)

Quiz-9 ;           Snehanjali Das  (Mumbai)

Quiz-10:         Ruth Dsilva   (Mumbai)

Program concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Garima & Keshav (Student Volunteers).  “Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you.” We take this opportunity to Thank IEEE Bombay Section for their constant support in helping us organise this event.

Kiran Tulshiram  Vasumati  TALELE
Treasurer and EXECOM Member IEEE Bombay Section, Mumbai, INDIA