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Grade Info

All members except students pay the same membership dues and receive the same IEEE membership benefits and services (although Associate members may not vote in IEEE elections or hold some offices)

Graduate Student Member (GSM)

Student Members who passed their respective courses in the middle of the year are automatically converted to Full Members for the remaining of the Year and are designated as GSM.    As a GSM Members, they can Hold office in Section/Chapter/Affinity groups, Vote in IEEE elections and get more actively involved in IEEE activities as volunteers.



Any individual who has studied in IEEE designated areas can apply for the Membership.   They will be admitted as Member.


Associate Members

Any individual who wish to join Societies of IEEE but are non-members of IEEE, will be admitted as Associate Membership.


Senior Member (SM)

Any individual who has completed minimum 10 years in IEEE designated Areas can apply for Senior Membership.  For detailed criterion on the Senior Membership Application can be found here.  If you are a Bombay Section Member and fulfill the criterion required for Senior Membership then please email at


Life Member (LM)

Any individual who has completed at least 65 years of age and have been a member of IEEE or one of its predecessor societies for such a period that the sum of his/her age and his/her years of membership equals or exceeds 100 years then an individual achieves Life Member (LM) status, their basic membership dues and Region assessments are waived on 1 January of the year following attainment of LM status.


Fellow Member (LM)

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.  This is by nomination only.


Honorary Member (HM)

The grade of Honorary Member is a significant honor bestowed by IEEE and is awarded for life to an individual. It was established through the Bylaws of the IEEE. Honorary Members are elected by the Board of Directors from among those who have rendered meritorious service to humanity in the IEEE’s designated fields of interest and who are not members of the IEEE.  This is by Selection only.