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Join IEEE Technical Societies for FREE for 2013

We would like to make you aware of another NEW opportunity for 2013-the opportunity to join one or more of IEEE’s Technical Communities at no charge.

Because of the rate at which new technical fields evolve, it is important to nimbly create communities focused on particular problem or topic areas. These communities facilitate knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and the development of programs which cover challenge identification and research through applications. Some communities are still in the incubation phase, recruiting thought leaders and volunteers for communications, meetings or conferences, and plans for programs of interest. Other communities are more established, with information/news portals, community communications, and other ways in which those interested in the technology area can connect and create change.

Currently, there are eight technical communities in which you can participate at no charge. We invite you to learn more about these communities NOW by simply clicking on the links below. Each will bring you to an IEEE Catalog page which provides more information and the ability to join these communities for free.

You can sign up for any of these six communities, regardless of your IEEE and Society affiliation.

  • IEEE Cloud Computing Community – a collaborative source and forum for information and discussions about associated software and hardware, applications, services, delivery, etc. related to cloud and big data technologies;
  • IEEE Electric Vehicles Community – a “think tank of scientists, engineers, academics, practitioners and lay people” all drawn together with one common passion: to make transportation electrification a reality;
  • IEEE Green ICT Community – discussions and information about green IT – the overall science and technology, practices, services, and applications behind sustainable, environmentally friendly computing and communications;
  • IEEE Internet of Things Community – envisions a self-configuring and adaptive complex system made out of networks of sensors and smart objects whose purpose is to interconnect “all” things, including everyday and industrial objects in such a way to make them intelligent, programmable and more capable of interacting with humans;
  • IEEE Life Sciences Community – a flagship international community of students, professors, researchers, scientists, engineers, practitioners, and professionals working on innovations and advances at the intersection of the Life Sciences with electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer sciences, physics and mathematics;
  • IEEE Smart Grid Community – the next-generation electrical power system that is typified by the increased use of communications and information technology in the generation, delivery and consumption of electrical energy.

While the development stage of each community will create variation in resources provided, there will always be opportunities for connection and access to news and announcements which will help you keep abreast of research and developments as they unfold.

IEEE or Society membership is required to sign up for these two communities:

Come with us and be a part of a community that will take us to the next level of technology!