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First Issue of IEEE Bombay Section Newsletter released

Dear Members,

It is with immense delight that the Newsletter Committee, IEEE Bombay Section, announces the official release of the first edition of its quarterly newsletter ‘In the Loop’. Fabricated with an aim to cluster the multitude of developments in the field of science and technology under a single entity, the newsletter is being presented before you. On this remarkable occasion, the whole team of the Newsletter Committee IEEE Bombay Section, wishes to express a delightful gratitude to all those who obliged us by significantly acknowledging and contributing their part in making this endeavor a success.

Kindly oblige us by purveying and recommending the newsletter among all your acquaintances so that it positively influences a greater number of people by making them aware about initiatives of IEEE.   

Thank you for showing utmost willingness and cooperation throughout the venture. Hope you will effectuate the same enthusiasm for the   forthcoming editions as well.

We are extremely sorry for any unintentional mistakes in presenting the newsletter despite best of our efforts; and we eagerly look forward to your constructive remarks and feedback.

For previous and present editions of newsletter and other details and announcements please visit:  http://ieee-bombay.local/newsletter/

Happy reading!  

Newsletter Team

IEEE Bombay Section

e-mail: newsletter@ieee-bombay.local