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Execoms and Call for Volunteers – 2021

Dear Members,

I am happy to share with you all, the new 2021 Execom of your Section.

Some more (vacant) positions will be filled soon. Additionally, some senior volunteers will be invited to take up organisational roles for the TENSYMP2022 and other major events of the Section. Sub-Section Treasurers will be invited to the Section Execom meetings to present the Sub-Section accounts.

IEEE Bombay Section is very keen to increase the quantity and quality of various technical and professional activities as well as to work on the initiatives which will bring membership value to its members. To fulfil this mission, IEEE Bombay Section is looking for active volunteers from within Section’s geography to work on various committees for the year 2021 and beyond.

These committees report to IEEE Bombay Section Execom. Depending on the vacancies, we may fill up positions such as Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Members for these committees. The Chair for each of these committees is an Execom member.

Please note that in case of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Inter-Section-Chapter-Society Relations, Membership Development and News Letter, the Chair positions are also available.

  1. Educational Activities
  2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  3. Industry Relations
  4. Inter-Section-Chapter-Society Relations
  5. Student Activities
  6. Technical and Professional Activities
  7. Membership Development
  8. News Letter
  9. SIGHT
  10. Web page, Content creation and Social media
  11. Women in Engineering
  12. Young Professionals
  13. Section Student Representative (SSR) – only for student members

A. If you would like to actively volunteer and work on these committees please fill in the form below.

B. You can mark your interest to work with any two committees. This would help you in focussing on the committee of your interest.

C. Please feel free to type in the additional information (not mandatory), including your interests, past experience in IEEE and volunteering. The form is will be open until Sunday (March 14, 2021).

Looking forward to working with you all to make Bombay Section more vibrant in 2021 and beyond. Thank you.


Chair (2021-22), IEEE Bombay Section