Language: English
Technical and cost challenges for non-fossil energy development

Title of talk: Technical and cost challenges for non-fossil energy development

Prof. Vikram Dalal, Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University, Fellow: IEEE,APS,AAAS

Date, time and venue: 11th January, 2:30 PM, GG301, Girish Gaitonde Building, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Earth is warming up rapidly because of global warming. In this talk, I discuss the scientific basis for Global Warming, and discuss various strategies based on increasing efficiency of energy conversion, and the role of renewable energy for reducing global warming. I show that there are several technical challenges related to integration of wind and solar energy into the grid, such as the expense of storage technology, and he rapidly rising costs of modular nuclear reactors. I also point out the huge expense related to transmission lines and how, without adequate transmission and storage, renewables will hit a plateau in integrating into the grid. Some of the research needs are in developing less expensive green hydrogen technology, in building lower cost modular nuclear reactors, and in reducing the degradation of batteries subjected to deep discharge.

Co-sponsored by: Centre for Semiconductor Technologies (SemiX) IIT Bombay

Room: GG301, Bldg: Girish Gaitonde Building, IIT Bombay, Department of Electrical Engineering, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400076