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Android Development by Ramesh Prasad

Android, which is an “open source” operating system by Google and enjoys considerable popularity on SmartPhones and Tablets, is becoming popular in the embedded world also. Different versions and variants of Android are now available on embedded platforms. In this workshop, the intention is to provide a hands-on introduction to concepts of Android Application Development and Android System Development (Embedded Android).

Introduction to Android
Overview of Android and Android SDK
History of Android

Android Architecture overview

Android features

Setup of Android Development environment
System requirements

Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation

Creating first Android application

Project Structure

Android Application Fundamentals
Android application building blocks

Activating components

Shutting down components

LifeCycle of Application

Development tools, Manifest File

Life Cycle of Activity

User Interface
View Hierarchy and Layouts

UI Events

Embedding Android
Why Embed Android
Android vs Embedded Linux
Hardware Boards
Compiling and Building Android From Source

Speaker – Ramesh Prasad
Ramesh has over 15 years of experience in Mobile application development and Engineering Management. He has worked mostly with startups, managing small agile teams working on the state of the art technologies in Mobile and Multimedia.
He has 2 US and international patents in the area of Mobile Multimedia Communications. He has co-authored many papers in various reputed National and International conferences. He has Bachelors Degree from Pune University and Masters Degree from Mumbai University, both in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering.


Philips Bunglow, B 25/98, Sunder Nagar, Road No. 2, Kalina, Santacruz (E.), Mumbai 400 098.Contact: 9820224198

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