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Programming ARM Processors by Mr. Jagdish Bisawa


  •  Introduction to ARM processor
  •  Comparison with native cores like the 8051(Architecture, instructions, interrupt handling etc. )
  •  An example ARM uC: LPC2000 family by NXP, based on ARM 7
  •  How to code for the above uC : Sample codes
  •  Other ARM cores ( a brief on other popular ARM cores, including the current ones )

 Speaker Biodata:
Mr. Jagdish Bisawa has about 15 years of experience on the field of  Electronics. He has worked in diverse areas, beginning with the
designing of Power Supplies to systems that involve application of  Embedded Technology in Industrial Automation, Control Systems &  Vehicle Instrumentation. His experience on Embedded Systems varies  from the 8-bit 8051 based systems to modern 32-bit cores & SoCs, to  C/C++/Assembly language Programming, along with different operating  systems.
 He is currently working on development of products that aid in development of embedded systems.

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Babasaheb Gawde Institite of Technology
2nd Floor,Maratha Mandir Annexe,
Babasaheb Gawde Chowk,
Mumbai Central, Mumbai- 400 008
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