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RFID and RFID implementations in Industry


The topic is Using RFID, GSM & Microcontroller Technology to build Medium to Complex Embedded Solutions. Mr Phansikar in a simple and lucid way will take you through solutions for material storage and flow management across retail, logistic and manufacturing industry. All these solutions can be created and implemented by students in a college environment.

Profile of Mr. Abhay Phansikar

Mr. Abhay Phansikar did his M.E(Elect) in 1983. He is currently a Corporate Strategy & Technology Consultant. He has previously Worked for Tata Power R&D, Onward Technologies, Tech Mahindra and Rave Technologies. Mr. Phansikar has over 30 years experience in Design & Development of Embedded Solutions. He has extensive experience of Product Development, Technical Marketing and Turnkey Solutions. Some of the systems he developed include Mission Critical Military Grade systems, Air Traffic Controller Simulator, Radar Tracking Systems, Healthcare ERP & Portals.

He has performed variety of roles which include Director, President &COO, Chief Technical Architect in Indian & International organizations. A well networked person in the industry, his interests are in providing strategic directions to start-ups and growing organizations. He is a Senior Member IEEE and past secretary of IEEE Bombay Section