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Monolithic, Heterogeneous and Hybrid Photonic Integration –There is a role for all

IEEE Photonics Society 2024 25 Distinguished Lecture Series on Hybrid Photonic Integration Technology for Photonic Integrated Circuits in Future Quantum Devices

Title: Monolithic, Heterogeneous and Hybrid Photonic Integration There is a role for all

Abstract: Photonic integration has been at the center of photonic activity for several years Over this period, great strides have been made to increase the integration density and integrated chip functionality This talk will work its way up from the drivers for photonic integration why do we need Photonic Integrated Circuits ( What are their similarities and differences with Electronic Integrated Circuits ( This analysis of integration drivers will lead to a discussion of recent progress on the main paths monolithic, heterogeneous and hybrid The talk will conclude with possible approaches to meet the additional demanding considerations for future Quantum PICs

Brief Biography of Speaker: Dr Daniel Renner grew up in the southern part of Chile, in South America He received his Bachelor of Engineering Degree from the Universidad de Chile and then, in his early twenties, he went to the University of Cambridge in England to do a Ph D in opto electronics, a new field of studies at the time Now, decades later, he has lived through the whole range of experiences that relate to the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of complex photonic devices and systems, used in communication, sensor and industrial applications In the past 30 years, Daniel has been directly involved with the growth of four photonic start ups in the United States, Ortel Corporation, Agility Communications, Aerius Photonics and Freedom Photonics This gives him a unique perspective on the workings of a high tech small business Daniel is currently the Chair of the IEEE Photonics Society Industry Engagement Committee, from where he is trying to help other photonic small businesses.

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