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Invention of the Transistor i n December 1947 ; The Origin of Device Miniaturization towards Super Intelligent Society

About 180 years ago, ‘relay’ the first digital signal amplifier provided us with the long distance telegraph through electric wires. This is the
beginning of the information society and ‘electrical engineering’ era . About 11 5 years ago, ‘triode vacuum tube’ the first analog/digital signal amplifier brought us ‘electronics’ that can manipulate the electron movement as we wish for use for wireless t elecommunication and machine control. About 75 years ago, the ‘transistor’ was invented as the first solid state amplifier for the purpose of device size reduction in order to realize high frequency and low power operation. This is the origin of the device miniaturization for micro/nanoelectronics. The 10 millionths times device size reduction in the past 115 years has created billion s/ trillion s times device performance increase in the operation speed, energy
consumption, weight, and cost, bringing us to super intelligent society in near future. The tremendous performance increase by t he progress of ‘micro/nanoelectronics’ originated by the ‘invention of the transistor’ was a totally new concept and the 3 rd technological leap The 1 st and the 2 nd leaps were ‘electrical engineering’ and the ‘electronics’). It is obvious that today’s intelligent society does not exist without the invention of the transistor T he road to reach the invention of the ‘transistor’ was , a long and hard trail because of the lack of semiconductor physics, high puri ty semiconductor materials, and charge control knowledge at the semiconductor surface in the period of the 1920’s to the 1940’s. In this talk,
I will start with the story of the transistor invention . Then, I will explain the development of the transistor technologies from the past to the present. Finally, I w il l predict the limit of the device miniaturization and future direction of the nanoelectronics evolution after reaching its

Speaker(s): Dr.Hiroshi Iwai, Dr. Hiroshi Iwai