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End Market Trends Driving Power and eNVM R&D

Abstract: As a pure play foundry, GF is uniquely positioned to observe mega trends developing that will influence the direction of the semiconductor industry over the next decade. The talk will begin with an overview of GlobalFoundries’ technologies and manufacturing capabilities. End Market trends will be discussed with focus on Automotive and Smart Phone markets. The Automobile industry is going through a massive disruption driven by ACE (Autonomous-Connected-Electrified) trends. These trends will increase the semiconductor content in a vehicle from $150/car (2020) to $1500-$3000/car (2030). The third part of the talk will cover how these trends influence the GF roadmap and how GF translates the requirements from these trends into technology development targets. 130BCD and 22MRAM will be used as specific examples describing how features are developed and optimized to enable new market applications.


Raj Nair is the Vice President for Power and Memory Products at GlobalFoundries. Prior to his current position, Raj ran the Technology Development group in Singapore where several of the Power/eNVM technologies currently in volume production were developed. Raj has over 30 years of Operations and R&D experience in the semiconductor and advanced battery industries. Before joining GLOBALFOUNDRIES in 2013, Raj has held executive positions at Johnson Controls, Maxim, Motorola and On Semiconductor. At Johnson Controls he was the Vice President for Advanced Manufacturing and Quality. He is a pioneer in the development of SmartPower integrated circuit technologies. Raj has an MSEE degree from NTU and an MS ChE from Syracuse University. He has been awarded eight patents and authored multiple publications in the semiconductor domain.

Co-sponsored by: Centre for Semiconductor Technologies (SemiX)

Room: GG Conference Room, Bldg: GG Building, Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400076