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Accelerated Analog Neuromorphic Computing

Centre for Semiconductor Technology (SemiX), IIT Bombay pleased to announce the IEEE Bombay Chapter talk by Dr. Johannes Schemmel, Heidelberg University, Germany

Accelerated Analog Neuromorphic Computing

by Dr. Johannes Schemmel, Heidelberg University

Venue & Time: Room 301, GG Building @ 12:30 pm

Day & Date: Friday, 3rd March 2023


The world has an ever-increasing demand for computing power. Satisfying it while simultaneously reducing the associated energy requirement has brought new attention to alternative, more energy-efficient computing paradigms.

One promising approach is brain-inspired technology. Spike-based neuromorphic computing realizes an in-memory, event-based computing paradigm. By transferring results and ideas from neuroscience to technology, it allows us to overcome the power wall our CPU-centric CMOS technology is facing.

This talk will present an analog hardware realization of spike-based neuromorphic computing developed at Heidelberg University: The BrainScaleS system. It will summarize how the Heidelberg BrainScaleS accelerated analog neuromorphic architecture implements neuroscientific principles of neural dynamics, spike communication and local learning.

The whole analog sub-system of the BrainScaleS architecture is realized as analog co-processors, controlled by build-in custom highly-parallel vector processing units. The presented BrainScaleS architecture balances digital, Turing-based and analog, Non-Turing computing. This optimized division of labor combines power efficiency with the necessary flexibility and programmability to reduce the resource requirements of artificial intelligence applications as well as modelling biology.


Johannes Schemmel is head of the Electronic Vision(s) research group at Heidelberg University. He received his PhD from Heidelberg University in 1999. His core research interests are massively parallel analog computing and artificial neural networks. He is the lead architect of the BrainScaleS neuromorphic system.

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Room: 301, Bldg: GG Building, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400076