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Abstract on Wind Energy & Technologies


Mr. Amit K. Patel,  BE Mech. and ME Machine Design, has 15 years of professional hands on experience, out of which 13 years in Wind Turbine, Wind Farm Development as well as international  exposures. His specialized skills are in Wind Farm construction, Wind Farm Performance Monitoring, Wind turbine manufacture and services. He has also handled assignments related to power quality analysis at substation and turbine level and establishing maintenance / trouble shooting guidelines for efficient operation of wind turbines.

India’s growing wind energy requirements in various states face several challenges and uncertainties as well as constraints. His presentation will include glimpses on the following topics.

  1. 1. Energy Synopsis and Energy Trends in India.

  2. 2. Wind World India Ltd (His company) at a glance, with slides.

  3. 3. Technologies in Wind Power segment.

  4. 4. Grid/Power System requirements.

  5. 5. Operational models with Indian cluster requirements.

  6. 6. Government policies, CDM and financial overview.