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Young Professionals
GOLD, which stands for Graduates Of Last Decade, is an IEEE program designed to meet the professional needs of members with 0 -10 years experience as an Engineer. We were the first Section in India to implement GOLD program locally. We have also pride to inform that we are the first section in the world to win Quick Start Incentive Funding (QSIF) of US$ 250/- by submitting the proposal for it. Click here to view the e-mail received from Mr. Mike Van Chau, Chair, 1998 RAB GOLD Committee.

GOLD can be implemented using either one of two approaches: Program model and Affinity Chapter Model. Bombay Section is implementing GOLD using Program Model. In this model, a committee is formed representing the GOLD members of the section. This committee is responsible for organizing various events, which will be useful for GOLD members.

Objectives of GOLD Program of Bombay Section:

  1. To retain current IEEE GOLD members
  2. To attract recent engineer graduates for joining IEEE

The GOLD committee of Bombay Section believes that its above mentioned objectives can be achieved by organizing events for professional and technical development of current GOLD members and recent engineer graduates.

Benefits of GOLD Program:

  • GOLD offers the potential for leadership development by offering opportunities to take charge in the organization and planning of events. Forming a committee to plan a GOLD event requires interpersonal skills, teamwork and leadership. The experience of planning an event promotes organization, creativity and time management. Employers always value these types of “management” skills.
  • Programs focused on professional rather than technical topics attract recent graduates looking for ways to develop skills and knowledge in leadership, financial management, and career development, to name a few. Learning to balance professional and technical skills contributes in the development of well-rounded individuals. Individuals looking for such opportunities in personal development will find their membership in IEEE very beneficial due to GOLD program.
  • Another valuable benefit of contributing to and participating in GOLD programs and events is the opportunity it offers in developing a network of professionals. Volunteers, who take on leadership roles in organizing events for GOLD program, need to meet and work with numerous individuals. This gives them opportunity to learn and practice networking skills.

Please click here to see the list of events organized as part of GOLD program.

For more details, please contact:
Dr Sourav Dutta
Chairman GOLD ,
IEEE Bombay Section.
Deputy General Manager (Systems), Internet HQ,
Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd
Mumbai – 400 001
Tel 022 5659-2049

Past Gold Leader: 1998-1999
Shrikant Mulik
GOLD Leader, IEEE Bombay Section.
C/o IBM Group, L&T Information Technology Limited,
Saki-Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai – 400072.
Tel: 022-858 1940/11 Ext. 8175


Bombay Section was 1st section in the world to start GOLD Affinity Group now called as Young Professional Affinity Group.

The basic idea of GOLD is “The first ten years after graduation from university can be challenging for young professionals. Employment searches, new jobs, professional growth, career development, and life status changes are common experiences for many recent graduates. Going through these challenges can be daunting but IEEE members never have to go through these experiences alone or uninformed. “

The current Execom Member for Bombay Section are as follows:


1. Suyog Vyawahare 
    Designation: Vice Chair, IEEE BS YP AG.
    email address:
2. Gandhar Suryavanshi
    Designation: Secretary, IEEE BS YP AG
    email address:
3. Akhil Menon
    Designation: Treasurer, IEEE BS YP AG
    email address:


More information on GOLD can be found here and latest information on YP can be found here