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Photonics Society (PS)

Step into the dynamic community of “We Are Photonics,” an integral segment of the IEEE Photonics Society, within the vibrant framework of the Bombay Section. With a community of over 100,000 dedicated professionals, we stand at the forefront, channeling breakthroughs in quantum physics into practical innovations that reshape our daily lives.

Our Impact on the World: From revolutionizing global communication through fiber optics to contributing to medical lasers, flat-screen displays, photovoltaic devices, and energy-efficient LEDs, the Photonics Society has made profound contributions to various facets of our world.

Active Engagement in Photonics: We are not just observers; we are active participants. Engaging in research, development, design, and manufacturing, we play a vital role in IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional association dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Key Activities and Contributions:

  1. Conferences and Journals: Our commitment to disseminating breakthroughs is evident through the organization and contribution to technical conferences and journals in the field of photonics.
  2. Professional Growth: Nurturing our members’ professional growth is paramount. We offer diverse opportunities for development, supporting their journey in the ever-evolving field of photonics.
  3. Global Support: Our society transcends geographical boundaries, sponsoring conferences, publishing journals, and actively supporting local chapters and student activities worldwide.

Governance and Structure: Our governance is well-defined by the IEEE Photonics Society Constitution, which establishes fundamental rules governing our conduct, identity, and organizational structure. The Bylaws provide comprehensive guidance for the supervision and management of our affairs, ensuring adherence to the Society Constitution.

Join the Journey: Embark on a mission with us to advance photonics technology for the greater benefit of humanity. Together, we illuminate the path to a brighter, technologically enhanced future. With the IEEE Photonics Society in the Bombay Section, the journey is not just about light; it’s about enlightening the world with innovation and progress.

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IEEE Congratulates Nobel Prize Winners: Open Access Articles Available

20th October 2023

IEEE congratulates Ferenc Krausz, Pierre Agostini, and Anne L’Huillier on winning the 2023 Nobel Prize for Physics. The prize was awarded jointly to the three scientists “for experimental methods that generate attosecond pulses of light for the study of electron dynamics in matter.”

According to the announcement from the Nobel Foundation, the laureates’ contributions have “enabled the investigation of processes that are so rapid they were previously impossible to follow.” It further explains that there are“potential applications in many different areas. In electronics, for example, it is important to understand and control how electrons behave in a material. Attosecond pulses can also be used to identify different molecules, such as in medical diagnostics.”

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