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Newsletter Committee

Unveiling the heartbeat of innovation and collaboration within the vibrant tech community, the Newsletter Committee of IEEE Bombay Section is your gateway to a world where ideas converge, and knowledge takes flight.

At the forefront of disseminating groundbreaking insights, industry trends, and member highlights, our dedicated team is committed to weaving a tapestry of information that not only informs but inspires. We are the storytellers, the curators, and the architects of a digital space where the pulse of technological advancements resonates.

Join us on a journey where passion meets precision, where curiosity fuels discovery, and where the power of connection propels us forward. As a dynamic force within the IEEE Bombay Section, our mission is clear: to bridge gaps, foster dialogue, and amplify the voices of the brilliant minds shaping the future of technology.

Explore our newsletters to stay informed, be inspired, and become an integral part of a community that thrives on knowledge exchange. Together, let’s embark on a quest to transform ideas into impact!

2023 Executive Committee:

Hasala Dharmawardena


Emre Ayranci

Vice Chair

Megha Ben