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Antennas and Propagation/Electron Devices Society (APS-EDS)

It’s a Joint Chapter of Antennas and Propagation Society and Electron Devices Society. 

AP Society works on  “The field of interest of the Society includes the following: antennas, including analysis, design, development, measurement, and testing; radiation, propagation, and the interaction of electromagnetic waves with discrete and continuous media; and applications and systems pertinent to antennas, propagation, and sensing, such as applied optics, millimeter- and sub-millimeter-wave techniques, antenna signal processing and control, radio astronomy, and propagation and radiation aspects of terrestrial and space-based communication, including wireless, mobile, satellite, and telecommunications.

ED Society works on “The field of interest for EDS is all aspects of engineering, physics, theory, experiment and simulation of electron and ion devices involving insulators, metals, organic materials, plasma, semiconductors, quantum-effect materials, vacuum, and emerging materials. Specific applications of these devices include bioelectronics, biomedical, computation, communications, displays, electro and micro mechanics, imaging, micro actuators, optical, photovoltaics, power, sensors and signal processing.”

We at Bombay Section try to combine the best of Both the societies for the benefits of the Members.  This chapter is current chaired by Prof. (Ms.) Subhananda Chakrabarti, IIT Bombay. For further information, please send the email to More information on AP Society can be found here.More information on EDS Society can be found here.