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Call for Proposals – Humanitarian Technology Project/Activities for IEEE R10 Sections

Announcement from Mr. Parkash Lohana, R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Coordinator ( :

We would like to announce the Call for Proposals for IEEE R10 TENHUMCH is now begin.

Kindly refer to the following evaluation criteria and submit your proposal at: ZVc08deilNo5s5tx2 by 12 May 2018.

 Evaluation Criteria

1.      Identification of the community

·         There should be clear identification of the need of a local underserved community

·         The number of people who will get the benefit from the outcome of the project

·         Description of the long term outcome for the impacted community

2.      Project Framework

·         Clearly defined project plan including project scope, context, and expected project outputs

·         Description of technology used in the local context

·         Procedure of the training for the community to maintain the solution

3.      Project Risk Analysis

·         Identification of the expected risk which may affect the project

·         What would the strategy to mitigate those risks?

4.      Project Budget and Timeline

·         Clearly defined milestones and deliverable of each milestone.

·         Realistic and justified budget with all breakdowns of all major items

5.      Sustainability of the outcome

·         A clear understanding between the community and project team regarding the how sustainability of the outcomes of the project for the longer time

·         A strategy needs to be devise to establish a board comprising the members of the local community and the members of local NGO, if any plus one or two members from the IEEE project team to make sure the sustainability of the long-term outcomes.

We look forward to receiving your proposal. Thank you.

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