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Bombay Section ranked second in 2021 R10 MDC Project Proposals

Dear Section/Chapter/Council,

The Membership Development Committee announces the result of evaluation for the 2021 R10 MDC Project Proposals. 

The final selected teams for each project are as follows:

MDC Project 2-A

  •  Rank 1: Kerala section
  •  Rank 2: Hyderabad section 
  •  Rank 3: Delhi section 
  •  Rank 4: Bangalore section 

MDC Project 2-B

  •  Rank 1: Islamabad section
  •  Rank 2: Sri Lanka section 

 MDC Project 2-C

  •  Rank 1: Karachi (Quetta Subsection) Section
  •  Rank 2: Bombay section

MDC Project 2-D

  •  no team

 MDC Project 4

  •   Rank 3: Madras section 

Many thanks for your interest and contribution.

Best Regards,

JeongYon Shim

2021-2022 IEEE R10 Membership Development Committee Chair