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Bombay Section Gold Medal for Recruitment and Retention


IEEE Membership Development Report—JUNE 2017 (Asia and Pacific (Region 10))

Membership Development goals are created for each individual Section for both recruitment and retention, based on five years of history of the section. Sections which meet both objectives are awarded a Gold medal of recognition.

Bombay section achieved the feat of Gold Medal and also is ranked 1st in Renewal.

Recruitment by Section: 2017 Membership Year June 2017

Bombay Section Rank #4
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Renewal by Section: 2017 Membership Year – June 2017

Bombay Section Rank #1
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Bombay Section is proud of the branch counsellors, MD volunteers and everyone else for their support.

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Message from 2017 Chair, IEEE Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee:
From: TAKAKO Hashimoto <>
Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 4:30 AM
Subject: Congratulations on meeting your goals

Dear  Anthony  Lobo,  Bombay Section Chair,

Dear  Aiyappan  Pillai,  Bombay Section Membership Development, and

Dear  Abhay Arvind Phansikar,  Bombay Section Vice Chair,

I am pleased to recognize the Bombay Section for meeting both its recruitment and retention goals for the 2017 membership year. Congratulations!

The membership development goals were developed based on your Section’s three year performance. You are to be commended for continuing to grow IEEE membership in the Bombay Section. Your effort in both recruiting and retaining your members is truly making a difference both locally and in the overall growth of IEEE.

In recognition of this achievement, I have attached an image that you can place in your e-mail signature and on your Section website or newsletters, which signifies your outstanding achievement for the 2017 membership year.

Please feel free to share this with other leaders in your Section to recognize the good work you are doing, and to let your members know you are working hard to provide them the best member experience possible.


Takako Hashimoto
2017 Chair, IEEE Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee