Nagpur Subsection

IEEE Nagpur subsection is 2nd subsection formed under IEEE Bombay section and has started functioning from September, 2017. This subsection has been formed for better networking between professional members and student members within Nagpur district of Maharashtra state. The first Execom committee of the subsection is as follows:

Execom (2017-2018)

Dr. Preeti Bajaj                    Chair
Dr. M. M. Mushrif                    Vice Chair
Mr. Arvind Kumar                  Vice Chair (Industry Relations (Centre Head- TCS, Nagpur)
Dr. Ritesh Kesari                      Vice-Chair (Professional Activities- (Chapter Coordination)
Dr. N.G. Bawane                      Secretary
Mr. Anand Khobragade          Joint Secretary (Sr. Scientist, MRSAC, Nagpur)
Dr. S.  S. Dorle                           Treasurer
Mr. L. P. Thakare                        Member Development Chair (MDC)
Dr. Richa Khandelwal                  Member Development Vice-Chair
Mr. Prasanna  Palsodkar        Student Activity Chair (SAC)
Dr. Makrand Lokhande    Technical/Educational Activities Chair (TEA)
Dr. Pradyumn Chaturvedi      Member
Dr. Arghya Mitra                         Member
Dr. Bhusan Rajpathak              Member
Dr. Ritesh Kesari                       Member
Dr. Santosh Jaju                         Member
Dr. Bhusan Joshi                         Member
Dr. Shubhangi Giripunje         Member
Mrs. Achamma Thomas          Member
Dr. Tejaswini Bisen                    Member
Ms. Dimple KhilwaniStudent representative (Invited member)
Mr. Anurag JainStudent representative (Invited member)
Dr. D. P. Kothari                         Mentor

 Dr. Preeti Bajaj who is chair of subsection is Secretary of IEEE India council, Member MGA SAC 2017,2018 and Member CGAA, IEEE EAB 2016, 2017,2018.

Some flagship events/activities of subsection are:

  1. Technical talk along with Execom
  2. Nagpur subsection student congress NSSC-2018
  3. SKEP lecture series
  4. ERUPT
  5. Ignite – Boot Camp for Entrepreneurship
  6. IOT & Smart Technologies
  7. Workshop on Data Analytics
  8. WIE summit

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