Bombay Section was 1st section in the world to start GOLD Affinity Group now called as Young Professional Affinity Group.

The basic idea of GOLD is “The first ten years after graduation from university can be challenging for young professionals. Employment searches, new jobs, professional growth, career development, and life status changes are common experiences for many recent graduates. Going through these challenges can be daunting but IEEE members never have to go through these experiences alone or uninformed. “

The current Execom Member for Bombay Section are as follows:

1. Suyog Vyawahare 
    Designation: Vice Chair, IEEE BS YP AG.
    email address:
2. Gandhar Suryavanshi
    Designation: Secretary, IEEE BS YP AG
    email address:
3. Akhil Menon
    Designation: Treasurer, IEEE BS YP AG
    email address:

More information on GOLD can be found here and latest information on YP can be found here