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What is IEEE Sight?
The IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) program, instituted by the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC).
IEEE SIGHT is a global network of groups consisting of IEEE members and volunteers who identify and address local problems by applying their technical skills and partnering with their local communities.
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How does SIGHT relate to HAC?
SIGHT is a committee that is funded by and reports to IEEE’s Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC). The SIGHT Chair is an appointed member of HAC. HAC reports directly to the IEEE Board of Directors.
What are the benefits of becoming a SIGHT member? Does it cost anything?
Membership is free and open to all who want to engage in sustainable development. Individual members receive the monthly SIGHT newsletter, as well as SIGHT announcements. Individual members who belong to a SIGHT group may apply for SIGHT project funding and humanitarian technology-related conference participation support. Individual members can also network with other SIGHT members with similar interests.
What is the time Commitment for a SIGHT member?
It’s up to you. It could be a few hours a month (sharing knowledge with another member, for example) or several days a month or more (leading a SIGHT project, for example).
How is SIGHT governed?
SIGHT is governed by a committee of members that each lead a subcommittee on topics that enable SIGHT’s growth and collective impact.
What is SIGHT group?
SIGHT groups consist of at least six IEEE members who come together to learn about sustainable development, build relationships within their local communities, and implement SIGHT group projects that leverage technology to tackle key problems within the community. Non-IEEE members are welcome and encouraged to join their local SIGHT group.
Where are SIGHT groups and How many are there?
More than 155 SIGHT groups have been founded in over fifty countries. New SIGHT groups are formed monthly. Our SIGHT group map on the homepage has the latest information on location and quantity of SIGHT groups around the world.
Do you need a project idea to start a SIGHT project?
No, you do not need a project idea to start a SIGHT group. However, a SIGHT group is expected to initiate a project within two years of its date of founding to remain active. A SIGHT group which has not initiated a project for two years will be considered a non-active SIGHT group.
What is the difference between professional vs. university SIGHT Group?
A Professional SIGHT Group is started by six or more IEEE members with the approval of a Society, Section, Region, or Council. A University SIGHT group consists of 6 or more IEEE member students, faculty, or staff at a University with approval from a Student Branch Counselor. All University SIGHT Groups require a faculty lead. University SIGHT group activities are not limited to that of students and can also include faculty-led projects.
Do I have to be a IEEE member to participate in a SIGHT Group?
Six IEEE members are required in the initial formation of a SIGHT group; however IEEE membership is not a requirement to belong to a SIGHT group. In fact, groups are encouraged to seek out members from other disciplines and sectors. All SIGHT group participants are strongly encouraged to register as individual SIGHT members.
Do I have to pay for my own travel and expenses when working on a SIGHT project?
Generally, yes. If your project has received funding from SIGHT, there may be a travel allocation in the budget. Check with your project leader.
How does SIGHT engage with and workwith Communities to solve problems?
SIGHT works as a partner with local communities. Please see the SIGHT toolkit for more information on how to build new and existing partnerships with local communities.
How are SIGHT projects selected?
SIGHT Projects are selected based on a pre-defined criteria that may be found here in the SIGHT toolkit.
How long does a SIGHT project usually last?
The duration of the SIGHT project depends upon the size and complexity of project. It can vary from few months to several years or more.
How are SIGHT project funded? Do they need to raise their own money?
SIGHT groups may apply for project funding at the designated times. However, groups are encouraged to apply for additional funds with their IEEE OU, local community, and more. Please see the SIGHT toolkit for useful information on finding resources for your group.
Where can I learn more about What SIGHT groups are doing?
By becoming a SIGHT individual member, you will get the latest information on SIGHT program news and opportunities. You can also reference the homepage SIGHT group map, which is searchable by group type, location, and project focus areas.