SKEP – Skill and Knowledge Enhancement Program

The IEEE Bombay Section comprises of a large and diverse group of industry, academic and research professionals as well as students, with a common interest in advances in technology and leveraging them for betterment of humanity.  The section has conceived the Skill and Knowledge Enhancement Program (SKEP) during the year 2013. SKEP organises talks, tutorials and distinguished lectures with an intention to reach out to students, faculties and industry professionals. SKEP programmes are an exercise in life-long learning and are offered for the continuing education and skill upgradation of professionals. In addition, this program seeks to motivate and inspire the young student community and endow them with a rare insight into what the industry has to offer and its expectations, thus helping them ease their entry into corporate life.

Main goals of SKEP include professional skills development, imparting technical expertise to develop viable applications, disseminating useful knowledge from current fields of interest to the beneficiaries and inculcating technical and logical thinking among the student community. SKEP programmes are conducted by invited experts on the state-of-the-art topics from among the research, academic and industrial areas. The intended audience are students, faculty, IEEE members and other interested persons from research, industry and academic institutions.

SKEP programmes usually of either lecture or tutorial in format and are intended to be highly interactive. Please refer to the accompanying list of topics currently offered in both formats. The platform provided is expected to be a perfect avenue for industry-institute-academia interactions with ideas, opinions and visions being exchanged freely. Where as the lectures are typically of 90 minutes in duration, the tutorials will run day long. Active participation of the audience during the sessions is highly desirable.

While Bombay Section takes care of the travel of the SKEP speakers to the venues, the host institution is expected to organise accommodation and local hospitality for them. The host may also arrange light refreshments for the attendees of the SKEP sessions and adequate publicity of the SKEP events within their institution. Please note that in general the Section will not provide participation certificates for SKEP sessions unless specified otherwise.

The venues of SKEP programmes span colleges and other institutions spread over length and breadth of this Section’s geography. In order to efficiently organise SKEP sessions at various geographical regions of the Section, it is advisable that academic institutions co-located in a city or region, pool together and organise the SKEP sessions during the same period. This will help sharing the accommodation expenses for the SKEP speakers and costs of other arrangements. Besides this will also help the Section with necessary logistics.

What, where and when the SKEP sessions could be organised are almost entirely limited by the enthusiasm and active involvement of the IEEE Bombay Section Student Branches as well as heads or senior members of the academic, research and industrial units. Please connect to Dr. B. Satyanarayana ( / 09987537702) or  Prof.Saurabh Mehta ( / 9833955002) today requesting a SKEP programme in your institution for the current and the next Semester.

The Topics are

Name of the SpeakerSpeaker's AffiliationTopic of SessionType of Session
Aarti KarandeSPIT, MumbaiBusiness Intelligence ToolsTutorial
Aarti KarandeSPIT, MumbaiEntrepreneurshipLecture
Aarti KarandeSPIT, MumbaiResearch Paper Writing SkillsLecture
Aarti KarandeSPIT, MumbaiSoft Computing Techniques Lecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantBuilding Solutions for Industrial AutomationLecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantIntroduction to Big Data & Social Media AnalyticsLecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantIntroduction to Embedded Systems and OpportunitiesLecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantPeer to Peer Network & TorrentsLecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantRFID and RFID implementations in IndustryLecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantSoftware Product Development using Agile MethodologyLecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantSolution engineering using embedded technologiesLecture
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology ConsultantSolutions using Embedded SystemsLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Broadband Access NetworksLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Broadband Core NetworksLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Communicating for SuccessLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Communication Transport NetworksLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Effective Performance managementLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Electronic Warfare BasicsLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Impactful presentationsLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Introduction to TelecomLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services IT for TelecomLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services ITIL BasicsLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Leading Global teamsLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Network and Service ManagementLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Quality ManagementLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Submarine Cable SystemsLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services Successful Outsourcing transitionLecture
Aiyappan PillaiFounder, ICT Consultant; Congruent Services TM Forum FrameworxLecture
Anand N KhobragadeMaharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre, NagpurApplications of Remote Sensing and GIS/GPS TechnologyLecture
Anand N KhobragadeMaharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre, NagpurMachine Learning & Satellite Image ProcessingLecture
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P LtdGeneral Testing Requirement in Electronic Products (related to Environmental Testing)Lecture
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P LtdHow to read Datasheets / How to find Equivalents while TroubleshootingLecture
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P LtdLet's build an Embedded project from ScratchLecture
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P LtdTesting Requirements in Electronic Products & Automobile ElectronicsLecture
Anjali DeshpandeVIT, MumbaiAdvances in Control SystemsLecture
Anjali DeshpandeVIT, MumbaiEstimation theory and state estimatorsLecture
Anjali DeshpandeVIT, MumbaiWriting a technical paper with introduction  to scientific  wordLecture
Anthony LoboIndependent ConsultantProfessional ethics Lecture
Anthony LoboIndependent ConsultantShining the torch: The Engineer's connect with Professional EthicsLecture
Anthony LoboIndependent ConsultantSustainability: Where does it touch engineering and developmentLecture
Anthony LoboIndependent ConsultantTechnology and its implications - Social and otherLecture
Ashok JagatiaAcevin SolutionsEmbedded Systems - Advances, Trends and OpportunitiesLecture
Ashwin GanesanVIT, MumbaiTopics in applied combinatoricsLecture
Ashwini kotrashettiDBIT, MumbaiAntenna: The vital link of communication worldLecture
Ashwini kotrashettiDBIT, MumbaiMicrostrip RF Filters: Design to ImplementationLecture
Ashwini kotrashettiDBIT, MumbaiPrinted Antennas in Cellular Mobile HandsetLecture
Ashwini kotrashettiDBIT, MumbaiSmart Cellular Handset AntennasLecture
Atirakshit BhattAtos, MumbaiLean 6 s Tutorial
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiAnalog and Digital Signal ProcessingLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiDesigning with FPGAs and ASICsLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiDigital Electronics and VLSILecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiEngineering Physics: Fundamentals and Modern ApplicationsLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiHigh Speed Data Acquisition SystemsLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiImportance of research at undergraduate levelLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiMedical applications of microwavesLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiMethods and Machines for Mathematical Modelling in Science and EngineeringLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiMicroelectronics in India: R&D, Training and Career OpportunitiesLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiModern sensors, signal processing and applicationsLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiRelevance of IEEE standards in accelerating the technology deploymentsLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiSignal to Data converters: The workhorses which keep digital world connected to the realityLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiTechnical Paper Review and Evaluation processLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiTechnology and Engineering: The Mission and the Vision of IEEELecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiThe interplay between Science, Technology, Engineering and MathematicsLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiTrends and Technologies of VLSI devicesLecture
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, MumbaiVLSI: Challenges and OpportunitiesLecture
Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&TEmbedded  Design & Product DevelopmentLecture
Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&TGrid Interface of Renewable Energy SourcesLecture
Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&TIoTLecture
Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&TSmart AgricultureLecture
Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&TSmart GridLecture
Chanakya KumarSVCET, Rajuri A prospective Evolution of TechnologyLecture
Chanakya KumarSVCET, Rajuri A world towards new communication eraLecture
Chanakya KumarSVCET, Rajuri An Efficent and Reliable Machine to Machine CommunicationLecture
Dnyaneshwar KambleCMC Ltd.Intectual Property RightsLecture
Dnyaneshwar KambleCMC Ltd.Internet of ThingsLecture
Gandhar SuryavanshiIIT BombayData SciencesLecture
Gandhar SuryavanshiIIT BombayEngineers as Policy MakersLecture
Ganesh D. BhokareApical LimitedAdvanced Developments and State of the art Technologies and Research in Signal ProcessingLecture
Gopi Kumar BulusuSankhya TechnologiesConjuring Up a World of IoTsLecture
Hemant AdarakarC-Fence TechnologyDisruptive Technologies: New OpportunitiesLecture
Hitesh MehtaEagle Photonics Pvt. Ltd."Fiber to the Home" technologyLecture
Indra Vijay SinghMGMCETElectromagnetic field today and tomorrowLecture
Indra Vijay SinghMGMCETModern Devices for GHz range communication Lecture
Indra Vijay SinghMGMCETUse Electromagnetic field in industryLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiHands On with IoT and CloudLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIntroduction to Cloud Platforms for IoTLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIntroduction to Embedded SystemsLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIntroduction to the Arduino Embedded PlatformLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIntroduction to the Internet of ThingsLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIntroduction to the Voice First Based Platform: Amazon AlexaLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ EnvironmentLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ GovernanceLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ HealthcareLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ HomeLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ Real EstateLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ RetailLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ Sports & FitnessLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiIoT @ TransportationLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiOpportunities in IoTLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiPCB Designing  and ImplementationLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiReal Life attacks and breachesLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiScratch to Prototype: Hands On Embedded ProjectLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiScratch to Publishing: Developing Skills for the Amazon AlexaLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiSecurity Algorithms and Approaches for tackling the security concernsLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiSecurity issues in Embedded Systems and IoTLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiSolutions using Embedded Systems and OpportunitiesLecture
Irfan LandgeMHSSCE, MumbaiTransition and opportunities in developing for the Amazon AlexaLecture
Izhar KhanIklet Gifting Solutions, MumbaiRole of Technology in Financial InclusionLecture
Izhar KhanIklet Gifting Solutions, MumbaiTrends in E PaymentsLecture
J.H.NirmalK.J.Somaiya COE, VidhyaviharApplication of signal processing in voice conversionLecture
J.H.NirmalK.J.Somaiya COE, VidhyaviharSpeech processing and neural networksLecture
Jagdish BisawaUbisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Embedded LinuxLecture
Jagdish BisawaUbisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Embedded SystemsTutorial
Jagdish BisawaUbisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Embedded Systems FundamentalsLecture
Jagdish BisawaUbisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Hands-on Embedded ProgrammingLecture
Jagdish BisawaUbisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Internet of ThingsLecture
Jagdish BisawaUbisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Programming ARM processorLecture
Jagdish BisawaUbisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Real-Time Systems & RTOSLecture
Jaydeep A. GoreBARC, MumbaiRecent trends in FPGAs and VLSILecture
Joanne GomesSFIT, MumbaiRasberry PiLecture
Kiran TaleleSPIT, MumbaiDigital signal, image processing and computer visionLecture
Kiran TaleleSPIT, MumbaiImage processing applicationsLecture
Kiran TaleleSPIT, MumbaiInnovation and entrepreneurship developmentLecture
Kiran TaleleSPIT, MumbaiVideo analyticsLecture
Lochan JollyThakur College of Engineering and TechnologyOptical communicationLecture
Lochan JollyThakur College of Engineering and TechnologyOptical networkLecture
Lochan JollyThakur College of Engineering and TechnologyResearch methodology (approach and interpretation of results)Lecture
Lochan JollyThakur College of Engineering and TechnologySatellite communicationLecture
Lochan JollyThakur College of Engineering and TechnologyScilab and textbook campanionLecture
M.V.PitkeTransforming Idea/Designs into ProductsLecture
Mandar Saraf et alTIFR, MumbaiFPGAs and Soft-processorsTutorial
Mukund SatheChief Technology Officer, e-StoneProject Management in EngineeringLecture
Narendra BawaneSBJIT, NagpurSpeech processing and neural networksLecture
Nitin S. KaleNanoSniff TechnologiesNanotechnology and cantilever based sensorsLecture
P.N. KondekarPDPM IIIT DM, JabalpurResearch opportunities in VLSILecture
P.NagarajTIFR, MumbaiClouds and Sensor CloudsLecture
P.R.BapatFormer Professor, JBM, MumbaiMapping your future in the changing environmentLecture
Pankaj SahayMPSTMEStandardisation & Policy related aspectsLecture
Pooja RaundaleSPIT, MumbaiStructure and writing of a technical paperLecture
Preeti BajajGHRCE, NagpurHow to write good technical papersLecture
Preeti BajajGHRCE, NagpurInnovation and evalution of researchLecture
Preeti BajajGHRCE, NagpurMotivation/career counselingLecture
Quentin DesouzaQuantum Designs Programming and applications of RoboticsLecture
R. MuralidharanSoftware Defined Radios and Cognitive RadiosLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiBig Data AnalyticsLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiBusiness IntelligenceLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiDatabases and Data MiningLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiE-Business TechnologyLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiSimulation & ModelingLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiSoftware ArchitectureLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiSoftware EngineeringLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiSoftware TestingLecture
Radha ShankarmaniSPIT, MumbaiUML using Rational RoseLecture
Ramesh KarandikarK.J.Somaiya COE, VidhyaviharResearch MethodologiesLecture
Sachin D.KohaleSt. John College of Engineering and Management, PalgharFPGA Based Digital DesignLecture
Sachin KhaireProgredior Software Solutions LtdArduinoLecture
Sachin KhaireProgredior Software Solutions LtdAugmented realityLecture
Sachin KhaireProgredior Software Solutions LtdData simulationLecture
Sachin KhaireProgredior Software Solutions LtdGeo spatial intelligenceLecture
Sachin KhaireProgredior Software Solutions LtdMachine learningLecture
Sachin KhaireProgredior Software Solutions LtdSocial media analyticsLecture
Sachin SadareDigital DojoApplications of IoTLecture
Sachin SadareDigital DojoBridging the gap between the industry and academiaLecture
Sachin SadareDigital DojoDigital MarketingLecture
Sachin SadareDigital DojoDigital MarketingTutorial
Sachin SadareDigital DojoInternet of ThingsLecture
Sachin SadareDigital DojoIoTTutorial
Sachin SadareDigital DojoThe Digital Technology StackLecture
Sangeeta JoshiVIT, MumbaiJourney beyond CMOSLecture
Sangeeta JoshiVIT, MumbaiMemristor:   Next generaton Nonvolatile MemoryLecture
Sangeeta JoshiVIT, MumbaiPathways to ResearchLecture
Sanjay PawarSNDT, MumbaiCloud Computing in 5G: Issues and ChallengesLecture
Sanjay PawarSNDT, MumbaiFifth Generation Wireless NetworksLecture
Sanjay PawarSNDT, MumbaiSoftware Defined NetworksLecture
Sanjay PawarSNDT, MumbaiTrends that tell Where Communication Technologies are Headed in FutureLecture
Sanjay PawarSNDT, MumbaiWireless and Optical NetworksLecture
Sanjay S. ShitoleUMIT, MumbaiApplications of Microwave Remote Sensing and Research opportunities.Lecture
Sanjay S. ShitoleUMIT, MumbaiLaTeX for thesis and research papers writing (Workshop)Lecture
Sanjay S. ShitoleUMIT, MumbaiMachine Learning / Deep LearningLecture
Santosh ChapaneriSFIT, MumbaiImage and Video Quality AssessmentLecture
Santosh ChapaneriSFIT, MumbaiImage and Video Quality AssessmentTutorial
Santosh ChapaneriSFIT, MumbaiLaTeX (including Beamer presentations)Tutorial
Santosh ChapaneriSFIT, MumbaiMachine Learning: Concepts and Applications (with Matlab or Python)Tutorial
Santosh ChapaneriSFIT, MumbaiProbabilisitic Modeling (Bayesian theory and their applications)Tutorial
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiAd-hoc/Sensor Networks/Cognitive and Software Defined Radio NetworksLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiAwareness on IP/Patent ProcessLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiBody Area NetworkingLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiComputer Communication NetworksLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiEmbedded Technology : Raspberry PI and Arduino BoardsLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiGame TheoryLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiHAM RadioLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiHow to select Conference/Journal to publish your work?Lecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiIoT applicationsTutorial
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiNext Generation NetworksLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiP2P NetworkingLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiRFID/NFC TechnologyLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiSimulation ToolsLecture
Saurabh MehtaVIT, MumbaiWireless Networks and Advance Wireless TechnologiesLecture
Sunil KaramchandaniD.J.Sanghvi College of EngineeringAdaptive Digital Signal Processing.Lecture
Sunil KaramchandaniD.J.Sanghvi College of EngineeringBio-medical Signal ProcessingLecture
Sunil KaramchandaniD.J.Sanghvi College of EngineeringImage ProcessingLecture
Sunil KaramchandaniD.J.Sanghvi College of EngineeringTextiles as next generation processing elementsLecture
Sunil KaramchandaniD.J.Sanghvi College of EngineeringVideo ProcessingLecture
Suyog VyawahareVice Chair, YPAG, IEEE Bombay SectionAmateur Radio and wireless communicationLecture
Suyog VyawahareVice Chair, YPAG, IEEE Bombay SectionAvionics and Carrier in Aerospace IndustriesLecture
Suyog VyawahareVice Chair, YPAG, IEEE Bombay SectionSoftware Define Radio Future of wireless communication (SDR)Lecture
Suyog VyawahareVice Chair, YPAG, IEEE Bombay SectionTrends Industrial Automation and Connected factories (Industrial IoT)Lecture
Swapnali MakdeyFr. Conceicao Rodrigues College  of Engineering, MumbaiElectronics DevicesLecture
Swapnali MakdeyFr. Conceicao Rodrigues College  of Engineering, MumbaiMicroprocessor/ MicrocontrollerLecture
Swapnali MakdeyFr. Conceicao Rodrigues College  of Engineering, MumbaiModeling and Simulation of Electronics DevicesLecture
Swapnali MakdeyFr. Conceicao Rodrigues College  of Engineering, MumbaiVLSI DesignLecture
T S RathoreActive bridges and their role in measurementsLecture
T S RathoreExtended horizons of circuit theoremsLecture
Varsha TurkarVIT, MumbaiData Analytics/Machine LearningLecture
Varsha TurkarVIT, MumbaiRemote SensingLecture
Varsha TurkarVIT, MumbaiSatellite Image Processing (Microwave remote Sensing)Lecture
Vinit KotakSAKEC, MumbaiDelayed Tolerant NetworksLecture
Vinit KotakSAKEC, MumbaiNeuromorphologyLecture
Vinit KotakSAKEC, MumbaiRFID & its ApplicationsLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiARM, DSP, RTOS and Open Source ToolsLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiElectronic Product DesignLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiEmbedded SystemsLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiEmbedded Systems (“Do it yourself”)Lecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiEmbedded Systems (“Do it yourself”) PIC18xxLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiHigh Performance Computing in Embedded SystemsLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiPCB DesignLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiReal-Time embedded system designLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiRenewable Energy using  Concentrated Solar PowerLecture
Y.S.RaoSPIT, MumbaiTexas MSP 430 and Linux GCCLecture

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