SKEP – Skill and Knowledge Enhancement Program – 2018


DateSpeakerAffiliationSpeaker's EmailTopicVenueTimeCoordinator
Jan 20, 2018Mandar Saraf et alTIFR, Mumbai[email protected]Hands-on Workshop on FPGAs and Soft-processorsM.H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, MumbaiFull day[email protected]
Jan 23, 2018Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology Consultant[email protected]Big dataVJTI, Mumbai6pm-7:30pm[email protected]
Feb 9, 2018B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, Mumbai[email protected]Trends and Technologies of VLSI devicesMET, Nashik3pm[email protected]
Feb 10, 2018Santosh ChapaneriSFIT, Mumbai[email protected]Hands-on Workshop on Machine Learning: Concepts and Applications with PythonVJTI, MumbaiFull day[email protected]
Feb 28, 2018Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&T, Mumbai[email protected]Embedded design and Product DevelopmentSFIT, Mumbai10:30amDr.Kevin Noronha
Mar 5, 2018Pooja RaundaleSPIT, Andheri[email protected]Structure and writing of a technical paperRGIT, Andheri1:30pm[email protected]
Mar 10, 2018Aarti KarandeSPIT, Andheri[email protected]Hands-on Workshop on Business Intelligence ToolsSFIT, Mumbai11amDr.Kevin Noronha
Mar 10, 2018B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, Mumbai[email protected]High speed signal processing techniquesRCOEM,Nagpur1pm[email protected]
Mar 17, 2018Vipin AgrawalTCIS, Hyderabad[email protected]Nuclear Magnetic resonance Spectroscopy: Introduction and PerspectiveRCOEM,Nagpur10:30am[email protected]
Mar 19, 2018Aiyappan PillaiCongruent Services[email protected]IT for TelecomSFIT, Mumbai10:15amDr.Kevin Noronha
Mar 26, 2018Prabhat DwivediNanocenter, IIT Kanpur[email protected]Materials, Methods and ManufacturingRCOEM,Nagpur10am[email protected]
Mar 26, 2018Sanket GoelBITS Pilani, Hyderabad[email protected]Lab-on- a-chip Devices for Energy and Biomedical ApplicationsRCOEM,Nagpur1:30pm[email protected]
April 2, 2018Vinit KotakSACE, Mumbai[email protected]RFID an overview & applicationsMaharashtra Institute of Technology, AurangabadAbhilasha Dixit Mishra
April 11, 2018Ashok JagatiaAcevin Solutions[email protected]Embedded Systems - Advances, Trends and OpportunitiesFr.Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Bandra[email protected]
April 11, 2018Juzer VasiIIT Bombay[email protected]India's 100 GW National Solar Mission: Opportunities and ChallengesFr.Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Bandra[email protected]
July 11, 2018Juzer VasiIIT Bombay[email protected]Recent Developments in India's National Solar MissionGHRCE, Nagpur12-1pm[email protected]
July 11, 2018Juzer VasiIIT Bombay[email protected]Recent Developments in India's National Solar MissionRCOEM,Nagpur3-4pm[email protected]
July 13, 2018Suyog VyawahareSuyog Technologies[email protected]Avionics and Carrier in Aerospace IndustriesAmrutvahini College of EngineeringRekha Labade 
July 13, 2018Suyog VyawahareSuyog Technologies[email protected]Amateur Radio and wireless communicationAmrutvahini College of EngineeringRekha Labade 
July 14, 2018B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, Mumbai[email protected]VLSI: Challenges and OpportunitiesAmrutvahini College of Engineering10:30amRekha Labade 
July 14, 2018Saurabh MehtaVIT, Mumbai[email protected]Embedded Technology: Raspberry PI and Arduino BoardsAmrutvahini College of Engineering12 noonRekha Labade 
July 14, 2018Kiran TaleleSPIT, Mumbai[email protected]Innovative Project DevelopmentAmrutvahini College of Engineering1pmRekha Labade 
July 20, 2018Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&T, Mumbai[email protected]Embedded  Design & Product DevelopmentMET, Nashik[email protected]
July 20, 2018Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&T, Mumbai[email protected]IoTMET, Nashik[email protected]
July 20, 2018Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&T, Mumbai[email protected]Smart AgricultureMET, Nashik[email protected]
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P Ltd, Nashik[email protected]Let's build an Embedded project from ScratchMET, Nashik[email protected]
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P Ltd, Nashik[email protected]Testing Requirements in Electronic Products & Automobile ElectronicsMET, Nashik[email protected]
Abhay PhansikarCorporate Strategy & Technology Consultant[email protected]Software Product Development using Agile MethodologySITRC, Nashik[email protected]
Anand KhobragadeMRSAC, Nagpur[email protected]Applications of Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS technology[email protected]
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P Ltd, Nashik[email protected]How to read Datasheets / How to find Equivalents while Troubleshooting[email protected]
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P Ltd, Nashik[email protected]Let's build an Embedded project from Scratch[email protected]
Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&T, Mumbai[email protected]Smart Agriculture[email protected]
Jaydeep A. GoreBARC, Mumbai[email protected]Recent trends in FPGAs and VLSI[email protected]
Kiran TaleleSPIT, Mumbai[email protected]Innovation and Entrepreneurship[email protected]
M.V.Pitke[email protected]Transforming Idea/Designs into Products[email protected]
Ashwini kotrashettiDBIT, Mumbai[email protected]Printed Antennas in Cellular Mobile HandsetMET, Nashik[email protected]
Ashwini kotrashettiDBIT, Mumbai[email protected]Smart Cellular Handset AntennasMET, Nashik[email protected]
Bhanwar Lal BishnoiL&T, Mumbai[email protected]IoTAmrutvahini College of EngineeringRekha Labade 
Anand S GharpureSonic Multitech P Ltd, Nashik[email protected] Let's build an Embedded project from ScratchAmrutvahini College of EngineeringRekha Labade 
B.SatyanarayanaTIFR, Mumbai[email protected]VLSI: Challenges and OpportunitiesSFIT, MumbaiDr.Kevin Noronha
Y.S.RaoSPIT, Mumbai[email protected]Renewable energy using Concentrated solar powerMET, Nashik[email protected]
Ramgopal RaoIIT Delhi[email protected]Nanoelectronics/Bio-MEMSRCOEM,Nagpur[email protected]
Subhasis ChaudhariIIT Bombay[email protected]Biomedical Signal ProcessingRCOEM,Nagpur[email protected]
Suryanarayan DoollaIIT Bombay[email protected]Smartgrids/ MicrogridsRCOEM,Nagpur[email protected]
Mandar Saraf et alTIFR, Mumbai[email protected]Hands-on Workshop on FPGAs and Soft-processorsSt. John College of Engineering and Management, Palghar[email protected]
Sachin SadareDigital Dojo[email protected]Bridging the gap between the industry and academiaAmrutvahini College of EngineeringRekha Labade 
Sachin SadareDigital Dojo[email protected]Amrutvahini College of EngineeringRekha Labade 

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